Measurement Guide

  • Tracks or poles should be fitted before taking your measurements.

  • The track or pole must extend beyond the window at either side. This allows the drapes to be pulled back fully.


  • Measure the width of the curtain track (diagram A) or pole between the finals (diagram B). If the track overlaps in the middle then add the length of the overlap (diagram C).

    diagram A

    diagram B

    diagram C

    The length of the curtains can be either to the window sill, below the window sill or to the floor. Please ensure that you make allowances.


    1cm above the sill for sill length, the required length for below the sill, and 1cm above the floor for floor length.


  • For eyelet drapes measure from the top of the pole to finished drop then add 4cm. Double fullness is required.


  • For tab top drapes measure from the top of the pole. We recommend you attach your pole 15cm above the window to minimise light exposure. 1½ times fullness is required.


  • We recommend the use of a pole not a track to ensure the pleats hang correctly.

    Roman Blinds

  • First you must decide whether you require the blinds to sit inside or outside the window recess.


  • Measure length from the top to the bottom of the window recess.

  • When measuring the width of the recess take a measurement at the top, middle and bottom and take a note of the lowest measurement. This ensures that the blind will not snag when in use (diagram E).

    diagram D/E


  • Measure the length of the valance track plus the length of both returns (diagram F).

    diagram F

    Tips for measuring

  • Always use a metal tape measure.

  • Please state clearly whether your measurements are in centimetres or inches.

  • We suggest you check all measurements are correct before you place your order.

    We strongly recommend you take advantage of our dress & fitting service - ask us for details when you call.

    If you require any further help or assistance we will be happy to help... Call us on 01553 775500 - alternatively click here for further contact information.

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